Bilingual Underrepresented Titless Sallies.

The official BUTS Website. 

Created by Emma Ramos & Irene Sofia Lucio

  • BUTS is a comedy variety show in the style of Key and Peele with the edginess and style of Broad City. Every episode presents a new world that appears realistic but quickly turns zany and wild. With crazy comedic endings, the series seeks to subvert preconceived notions about our stereotypes. The series is anchored in millennial truisms represented through a 2nd generation Latina lens. That is to say, that while many of our stories are anchored in the Latino culture, they ultimately aim to be universal among millennials. Our two heroines are Irene (ee-rain-eh) and Emma (Eh-ma), Latina actresses that embody and subvert such stereotypes. But BUTS goes beyond a "but" argument to Latino cliche's, it is straight up two Latinas making fun of themselves and their surroundings. In each episode they portray different characters that parody and satirize the many 'afflictions' of the modern day woman.

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